doctors and conspiracy theories

I’m healthy. Or so my blood says, anyway. My headaches have stopped since my last post on headaches too. What the? I really don’t know how you can have two weeks of headaches and then none at all, but hey – I must just be special or something. Anyway, I guess that’s good.

It’s really hard to know whether getting a clean bill of health from the doctor is a good thing. I mean, if feel unwell enough to take the trouble to go to the doctor, I want them to make it worth my while. At least tell me I had a 24 hour bout of the plague or something. Just don’t tell me “you’re perfectly fine” when I don’t feel perfectly fine. If I was perfectly fine, I wouldn’t be at the doctor in the first place – I’d be at home. It’s not like the waiting room is a fun place to be. “Ooh excellent – the June 1984 edition of New Idea! I’ve been dying to read this!”

But then, I really am grateful for good health, so…I guess I have to put up with this slightly disappointed feeling every time the doctor says, “You’re fine. Maybe you had a virus or something.” Yeah right, a virus – I reckon they reall don’t exist, they’re just a thing they teach doctors in doctor’s school when they don’t know what you’ve got. “Sheesh, this person’s symptoms are a mystery…must be a virus. I’ll tell them to go home and see how they feel for a few days, then to come back in two weeks so I can give them this news-that’s-not-really-news.”

Okay, I’m done now.

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