how bizarre, how bizarre

I opened our front door yesterday evening to find this parked on the nature strip next to our house:

toilet 1

My theory is the toilet is a rabid environmentalist and has chained itself to the tree in order to stop it being chopped down by a thoughtless and uncaring council.

Here it is relative to our house:

toilet 2

Seriously though, I have no idea why it’s there. There was no warning of an impending toilet. No notice from the council that a toilet would soon be making an appearance on my nature strip. There is no construction going on around here, and there are public toilets just a half a block away at Nandos. Why oh why is there a portable toilet chained to the tree next to our house?

Best/most creative theory (is it realistic to stipulate ‘no toilet humour’?) wins a prize.


4 thoughts on “how bizarre, how bizarre

  1. I don’t suppose that after it fell from the sky, two guys stepped out of it and proclaimed “We’re the Wyld Stallions” and wiggled their fingers together….dude? If so, keep your eye out for Abraham Lincoln, Genghus Khan and Napoleon. And remember, Napoleon loves ice-cream and water parks.

  2. Of course he does. Who doesn’t?

    Alas, I didn’t see it land, nor did anyone emerge from it, but maybe that’s because it’s padlocked shut. If I hear mutterings of “Dude, your mom is hot” followed by “Shutup Ted”, I’ll know it’s time to be excellent to each other.

    First Pauly Shore movies, now Bill and Ted’s. If we don’t reflect the height of Western civilisation, I don’t know what does.

    Iggy piggy, iggy piggy, iggy piggy…

  3. The dogs of Australia have got together and decided that enough is enough. No longer will they cause us stinky-foot misery by soiling our streets and indulging their need to “mark their territory”. No, they’ve pooled their resources and come up with a solution that works for their masters and fellow dogs alike, doggie-porta-loos. Your house is stage 1 of the rollout (did Cassie know about this and not tell you?).

    Personally, I think it’s a step in the right direction.

  4. If that’s the case, they’d better install a doggie door, ‘cos that handle is a little high for most pooches to reach.

    Nonetheless, I like that idea. I knew Cassie was hiding something from the smug look on her face, I’m just relieved (again, no pun intended) to find it’s something so benign.

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