mystery solved

Just over one week after the arrival of the mysterious portaloo, the enigma was solved.

It turns out they’re replacing the underground water pipes in our area, although there’s still no sign of them working anywhere near here. Apparently they won’t get around to doing our section until next week, but the loo remains firmly attached to the tree anyway. I even saw a workman emerge from it this morning, looking somewhat confused as he emerged, blinked in the sudden sunlight, looked perplexed in all directions and scratched his head. Maybe it really is just a ‘portal’, and some clever forger added the ‘oo’.

Winner (in more ways than one) is Chris (he was also the only one who entered) and there will be a package winging its way Londonward very soon.

Also, I found this while searching for a picture of a construction sign, and decided to put it here instead.



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