spam email poetry

here is some of the best poetry I’ve read in a long time. it’s a piece apparently titled ‘XP PRO, OFFICE 2003 AND ALL AT ONLY $12-60 EACH, WE GIVE U LICENSE’, and it arrived like a precious gift in my gmail inbox:

beautiful turning again friends respect.
side you motor. happened bought letters is a my.
shining sandwich prison thus?
speaking mischievous thats turning make?
he money back not. young reading human teach end? pride make corner.

*sniff*. you had me at side you motor, but pride make corner clinched the deal.

and then this one is a little piece I like to call “PHOTOSHOP, OFFICE 2OO3, XP PR0, AD0BE & 200 MORE SOFTWARES FROM 15-70 ONLY sandwich”:

pretty off bad. anything young goes we leader.
sugar appearance gym prison allow?
gym leader rich hard. studied reference rich find?
love supposed to anything shining.
out friends did, edge love development disappoint different. use night promised again promised?

You know it makes sense. Don’t pretend you’re not moved.

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