last word on A.R.

I realised that about a year ago when I started blogging at inspiralblog, I did a post on Arundhati Roy and her impact on me then, but it was swallowed up in the great November blog disaster (thanks a lot, iPowerweb). So here’s it is again: one of my favourite quotes of hers:

Where there is fear, there’ll always be hope. Where there is oppression, it will always be challenged by those of us who will challenge it with greater intensity, you know? So that’s why I don’t believe that there can ever be peace without justice, you know? The two go together. And there cannot be peace in the world with full-spectrum dominance or, you know, nuclear warfare or any of those things. They won’t help, because always there will be people who demand dignity, who demand justice, who demand their rights.

And, you know, that is as much physics as the physics of people who want power and who try to usurp it – it is the physics of those of us who will challenge it, and we’ll always be around.

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