Haven’t felt much like writing since Grandad, but here’s a brief rundown on what’s happened:

– had guts ripped out by Italian soccer team (or more correctly, the referee) in the world cup.
– new Counting Crows live album (New Amsterdam). lazy, lazy men. four studio albums, one best of and two (official, general release) live albums. that’s almost as much unoriginal material as original. most bands wouldn’t get away with that.
– started working on some nonviolence stuff including a possible collaborative event with urban seed.
– u2 looks like November 18, but still not “officially” confirmed.
– still waiting for bub, but could be any day or time, even though we’re only 34 weeks.

will write more when I feel like it.

“Advice to writers: Sometimes you just have to stop writing. Even before you begin.”
— Stanislaw J. Lec (1909 – 1966), “Unkempt Thoughts”

1 thought on “update

  1. Rule number 1 of fight club…well australian football club: we don”t talk about football. Worse still, I”m in Italy at the moment and will watch them take on France in the final from Rome. I may be the only person in Rome hoping for a last minute dodgy French penalty to rob the Italians. Go you French. I can”t believe I just said that…

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