Found this in the paper this morning. This is from the website:

Goatonapole is the philosophy of being that holds that there is a Goat and a Pole and that the Goat is on the Pole. In the relation of Goat and Pole we Goatonapolists find an eternal thread of unfathomable cosmic significance, a point of reference in which all opposites dissolve into a unity of infinite breadth, a universal truth underlying the very fabric of existence. Upon contemplation of the Goat, the Pole, and their relative positions, one cannot help but realize that we’ve always been talking about Goatonapole. Whether we accept, reject, or live in ignorance of Goatonapole, we are all Goatonapolists.

We are deluded by the machinations of abstraction and modern thought into thinking that the world of concepts is reality itself. Almost without knowing it we have wandered far down a path of self-delusion that has split us away from the foundations of our existence. Our casual dabbling in unquestioned abstractions, foremost the notion of the self as rational faculty, has spawned the many neuroses so inextricable from the modern condition.
Hysterical. Check out the website for more photos of goats on poles.

(yes I know it’s not a real religion, but man, it’s funny.)

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