so busy and tired at the moment. here is a list of things I could go off on an extended discourse (rant) about at the moment:

pace e bene
urban seed
sick child
new baby
john dear
music music music

but I don’t have the energy or the time. hopefully that won’t last too long. for the moment, here’s a song lyric I rocked out to yesterday on the tram. loveitloveitloveit.

There Goes God (Crowded House)

What’ll I tell him
When he comes to me for absolution?
Wouldn’t you know it
Hope I dont make a bad decision

Cos I’d like to believe
That there is a god
Why sinful angels
Suffer for love
I’d like to believe
In the terrible truth
In the beautiful lies

Like to know you
But in this town I cant get arrested
If you know me
Why dont you tell me what I’m thinking

Hey don’t look now
There goes god
In his sexy pants
And his sausage dog
And he can’t stand
‘Cos he looks so good in black, in black

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