caat reprise

What a difference ignorance makes.

I blogged on these guys back in April when I first came across their story. They’ve called themselves Christians Against All Terrorism and basically found their way onto the Pine Gap base to conduct a “citizen’s inspection”. My reaction then was just that: a reaction, not a response. As a result, I was way too flippant and dismissive of something I probably should have thought through better. That’s probably the case with most of the stuff I write though.

That and I now feel like I know them and the whole system better. Moving in some similar circles has brought the whole thing together more for me – bringing me out of my misconceptions and prejudices, and personalising it. These are wonderful people who care a great deal about people, and about living out their Christian witness with integrity. They’ve been charged under a 1950s Cold War law that has never been applied until now. The whole thing would be kind of a farce if it weren’t so serious.

So the trial goes ahead in October: I’ll be keeping up to date with it on here when I can. If you get the chance, go to their website and check out their ideas and actions. And keep an open mind as you do so.

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