tonight, at coles express

So we drop into the petrol station at Glenlyon Road on our way home from Carolyn and Karl’s place to pick up some gas (the LPG kind, not gasoline). As I go into the shop to pay for it, I vaguely hear some familiar lilting strains…I dismiss it, but then I hear it again and suddenly I’m gripped. I do a double take. Could it possibly be? It IS! OH MY GOODNESS!

My song of 2006, and perhaps the most obscure song ever from an unknown band from the early 90’s, is playing over the loudspeaker.

Give it Up, a song by Hothouse Flowers, was released as a single in 1990 and – like an explorer who happens upon a tribe of cannibals – hasn’t been heard from since. And yet here it is on the radio, not three weeks into 2007, after being featured as song of the year on my 2006 compilation.

At this point, I realise the clerk must have seen my face and with delight written all over it I ask, “Is this a cd?” His bewilderment written all over his, he replies, “Uh…no.”

“Get out!” I say. “This is the radio? Are you serious?”

“Yes,” he says. At this point, he’s not sure whether to laugh at this strange man or press the panic button under the desk.

“What station is it? Do you know?” I ask excitedly.

“No…sorry.” At this point, he is clearly weirded out by my total euphoria and, my transactions finished, begins backing away from the counter with one eyebrow raised dubiously. I wander around the store dazed for a minute or two listening to the song before bolting for the car to check which station it is. I drive home elated.

(by the way, in case you were curious…it was TripleM.)

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