rainbow serpent festival

Ten thousand people wait all year to dance non-stop for three days straight. It’s insane.

I was asked to go there (there being a paddock out of Beaufort, a tiny town 40 kms out of Ballarat) and do an NVDA workshop. Alas, people were too busy dancing for the workshop to go ahead, but I got an education and a half, and had a wonderful day talking to some amazing people.

Like Peck (I assume I’m spelling his name correctly) who has lived in the forest in Tassie for three years straight. Yup, just in the forest. He’s managed to save a whole bunch of sections of forest from being logged by, amongst other things, finding caves with aboriginal paintings and skeletons in it; trapping and identifying endangered bugs; building a pirate ship with 30 metre masts in the middle of the rainforest; and living up trees on platforms he’s built himself.

So this is the sight you’re met with when you drive along the road (click on the pictures for a larger version:

And this was the space I was doing the workshop in. It took Holly (the girl managing the space) and three others a whole day to put it up. It’s the first time they’re made this particular space at Rainbow Serpent; they called it Gaiaganda Eco Space, and it was meant to focus on ecology and such like. They had a biodiesel van and solar power and stuff. Very cool:

So the whole thing has three stages with dance music, and a whole heap of weird and wonderful structures. This one is meant to capture dreams or some such:

And this is one of the stages. Seriously, soooo many people just dancing, dancing, dancing all day:

So this is where I had lunch: in the State Forest nearby. I went off to chill for a while in the peaceful bush away from the doof doof. It was really beautiful:

This is the main stage:

Some pictures from the way home:

And out the side window. Don’t worry, I had my eyes on the road:

So an altogether bizarre and wonderful day.

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