in summary

Came across this Vincent Donovan quote from Christianity Rediscovered as I was re-reading it last night…thought it was a pretty good summary of Christianity, and that coming from someone who really doesn’t like short summaries of Christianity. You’ll have to excuse the gender exclusive language – he’s writing this in the 60’s:

What does scripture say people must do if they accept as true God’s revelation to man? First, they must believe in all that God has done, and in Christ. Then they must be sorry that they have thrown this goodness back in God’s face in ingratitude; they must be sorry for the part they have played in destroying the world and their fellow men. They must believe the unexpected good news that though they have taken part in this destruction, there is no reason to despair, there is no reason for anyone, or any people, to remain a failure forever. Because of Jesus Christ, all of this can be undone, can be forgiven, and they can begin anew. They must signify this belief and sorrow of theirs outwardly through a sign that all can see, that is, they must be baptized. They must not keep all this to themselves. They must go forth in the Spirit and witness to this good news and to Jesus, letting others see the meaning of it all, by their words and by their lives, until the time that Jesus comes again. And this is the final obligation: they must believe that Jesus will come again in consummation, and they must work in expectation of that parousia.” — Fr Vincent Donovan, in ‘Christianity Rediscovered’.

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