and the award goes to…

Generally I’m not a big fan of memes, but I’m flattered to have been nominated by Simon Holt for a thinking blogger award (yes I know there’s no award ceremony, prizes, etc. but it’s nice all the same). That means I have to (and by have to I mean have to – apparently it’s a law of the universe, like gravity), nominate five other blogs that make me think. Or some such.

There are rules. You can find them here.

So here goes:

1. Simply Simon: Sime’s been a friend for a long time, but I’m not tagging him because of that. He also tagged me, but that’s not why I’m tagging him. I nominate his blog because it’s in many ways the yin to my yang. While I’m out trying to change the world, Simon quietly plugs away finding God in the kitchen, the loungeroom, the backyard, the suburb.

2. Wonderful Awful Things: Christop’s writing style is extroardinary because Christop is extraordinary. Very matter of fact, humble, simple, yet profound. Beyond that I can’t quite put my finger on what I love about it, but love it I do.

3. Three Words Back…: David is one of those darned articulate people you wish you could write like. He knows words and put them together good and stuff. He has excellent taste in music and often manages to articulate what I’m thinking when I can’t do it for myself. And for someone with the nickname “Not funny David”, he’s pretty funny.

4. To Be Frank: Frank Rees was one of my theology lecturers and a constant challenge to me personally and theologically. I love that I get to keep in contact with his thinking even though I don’t hang around Whitley as much anymore.

5. Marcus Curnow: How could I go past fellow rabid Cornishman and Urban Seed colleague Marcus Curnow for good bloggage? His response to Andrew Bolt’s dig at Urban Seed last year is worth the price of admission alone. Kernow bys vyken!


1 thought on “and the award goes to…

  1. Well, congratulations, Simon. Now you’ve got this award, you only have left to win the second annual montgomery burns award for outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. šŸ™‚

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