Pine Gap 4 nonviolence training

To know, worship, love, embrace and follow the God of nonviolence is to become a people of nonviolence. In a world of violence, religion is about praxis, living a concrete peacemaking way of life. A theology of nonviolence must be lived. It is a theology of action. It requires focusing on the God of peace, accompanying (for Christians) the nonviolent Jesus, and taking public risks of love to end war and disarm the planet.” –John Dear

With the trial of the Pine Gap 4 coming up in late May, the Christian Activist Network has decided to put together a weekend of training and reflection on nonviolent Christian witness, particularly aimed at solidarity actions for the PG4. It will be a weekend of reflecting on the nonviolent life, death and resurrection of Jesus and our place in it, as well as practical training in nonviolent direct action.

Solidarity actions are being planned for May 29th (trial starts 2pm) and June 2nd (to coincide with Alice Springs vigil).

It is being held at the Indigenous Hospitality House’s retreat centre, 215 East Beenak Road Gembrook on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May. It will begin at 10am Saturday and conclude at 5pm Sunday. Meals will be provided.

A suggested donation of $25 is requested.

Email Simon to book a place.

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