Seeds for Pentecost

Well, a bunch of us from inspiral, Footscray, Bendigo and Norlane headed up to the You Yangs on Sunday for a gathering of the clans…lots of kids, a beautiful spot and wonderful people. Here’s a pictorial tour of the day:

Marx leads as only Marx can.

Chelsea decided we were at “Bear Rock”, and thought it was the best thing ever. At one point, when she looked out at the view, she gasped and exclaimed, “Look at that big world!” (I was tempted to say, “No darling, that’s just Geelong,” but didn’t want to disappoint her.)

Some of the gathered clan. Check out the view of the big world in the background.

The sky was doing some pretty cool things.

The view from the other direction.

We headed back to Norlane afterwards for afternoon tea. Great to hang out with this bunch, and I only wish more of our mob were there.

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