Camping in Queensland

Yeah, we’ve all seen the Queensland advertisements. Beautiful one day, perfect the next, right? How about beautiful one day, awful the next, even worse the next, just as bad, awful, etc. etc. and then maybe beautiful again when you’re about to leave? Seriously, it rained every day we were there, almost constantly, and was about 13 degrees at most. Here’s the transformation of the caravan park we stayed in over the time we were there. A true Queensland winter advertisement – beautiful one day, quagmire the next. And to think this is the dry season! I stitched them together from a few pictures. Click for enlargements.

And here’s my humble abode for the weekend (yes, I stayed in the trailer – which, when covered with the tarpaulin, was by far and away the driest place in camp) – I like to call this one “a river runs through it”.

So if you’re from Melbourne and heading north for better weather in the wintertime…don’t believe the hype! 😉

2 thoughts on “Camping in Queensland

  1. G’day Simon.

    I’ve just finished editing the chat we had the other day to prepare it for broadcast on Wednesday.

    I cut out the controversial stuff. That means that the original fourteen minute interview now runs a neat two and a half minutes. It’s pretty much just us saying hello and goodbye to each other. Fascinating listening.

    (Well … actually … I simply trimmed it from about fourteen to twelve and a half minutes.)

    I’ll be in touch once it’s online and you can link to it if you like.

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