Samuel Hill 5

No, it’s not the latest boy band, it’s that group otherwise known as the ‘Shoalwater’ or ‘Frisbee 5’. I’ve just created a website for our little group, so we can all put our musings and news in one central place to direct people to, so head on over there and check it out…there’s not much there now but we’re all going to add our stuff as things happen.

2 thoughts on “Samuel Hill 5

  1. After your court case, you could work on your future in childrens entertainment. Probably need to work out a catchier name though. Then again, Maroon 5 have got on quite well with a crap name so maybe you already have what it takes…

  2. What do you mean AFTER the court case? We were thinking of using it to launch our new cd. You think the judge wouldn’t go for it?

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