Citizens Against War Crimes

Just received this via email…interesting that all the news coverage of the last sitting day of parliament was centred around the childish bickering of politicians, with no mention of this…

Media Release: (Thursday 20 September 2007; Canberra)

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion – 1,051,145 (Just Foreign Policy, & The Lancel – UK medical journal) “We had to destroy the country in order to save it.”

Citizens Arrest of John Howard, Alexander Downer, Philip Ruddock, & Brendan Nelson as War Criminals.

“Point of order Mister Speaker: I have a Warrant for the arrest of John Howard, Alexander Downer, Philip Ruddock, & Brendan Nelson as War Criminals.”

Yesterday in Federal Parliament at Question Time, an anti-war activist confronted the Government with a formal Citizens Arrest Warrant, charging them with various breaches of international law. (see Warrant below)

Peter McGregor, a retired academic from Newcastle, was himself then arrested, & charged with ‘unlawful entry on inclosed lands’ & taken into custody. McGregor was calling for the Speaker of the House of Representatives to have the police arrest the 4 Ministers. “Just the Howard Government’s abandoning of Habeas Corpus should make it a social pariah, especially with those who believe in the rule of law & human rights. Instead of people like me, the Pine Gap 4, the Talisman Sabre Peace Convergence, Rising Tide, Greenpeace, etc. resorting to acts of civil disobedience, it would be preferable if groups like Amnesty, councils for civil liberties, university law faculties, etc. practiced what they preached, and brought formal legal charges against the Howard Government for its War Crimes.” “In order for evil to triumph, it is enough for good people to do nothing.”

No date has been set for the trial, but McGregor will be pleading not guilty.

Contact: Peter McGregor – & 49293587
Warrant for the Citizens Arrest of John Howard, Alexander Downer, Philip Ruddock, & Brendan Nelson: John Howard, Prime Minister; Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs; Philip Ruddock, Attorney-General; & Brendan Nelson, Minister for Defence are hereby charged, to be trial by the International Criminal Court, with:

(1) Planning, preparing, initiation or waging a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances – VI (i) Nuremburg Principles

(2) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for accomplishment of the above – V (ii) Nuremburg Principles

(3) Participating in the use of cluster bombs in contravention of the AUSTRALIAN MINES CONVENTION ACT, 1998

(4) Participating in the use of weapons of mass destruction in breach of the GENEVA Convention including Fuel Air Explosives which cause death by asphyxiation

(5) Conspiring to pervert the course of justice by
(i) abandoning habeas corpus both in the domestic ‘anti-terror’ laws & in international policy; &
(ii) covering up or defending the use of torture & over breaches of the GENEVA Convention, the International Covenant for Civil & Political Rights, & the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, against Australian – and other – citizens, at Guantanamo Bay

(6) Failing in its duty to protect Australian citizens overseas, & conspiring to continue the illegal detention of Australian citizens without trial or changes for over 5 years

(7) Demonizing and incarcerating asylum seekers under the policies of mandatory detention and fortress Australia. Such policies contravene the legal principle of habeus corpus and have induced undue suffering and mental illness for detainees.

Dated this Wednesday 19th September, 2007.

Signature(s): Peter McGregor: (mcgregorpeter [at]

Issued & authorized by Citizens against War Crimes

1 thought on “Citizens Against War Crimes

  1. Glad you posted that. I hadn’t heard anything about it. Some of the points in the letter even seem provable in a court of law. If only we weren’t all so jaded maybe these war criminals would actually be held to account.

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