st francis I ain’t

I ran over a bird today. no, not in the car. on my bike. you heard right.

so I’m riding to work along Lygon St in peak hour traffic and as I try to avoid the mirrors of the cars that are crawling along, I see this myna (like the one pictured above) hop out of the path of one car. unfortunately, it hopped into my path. I had nowhere to go – parked cars to my left and traffic to my right, and only a couple of feet in between. I assume it sees me – birds always move when there’s something coming at them, right? so I watch it as I approach. and I watch. thinking it will move I wait until the last moment before I swerve out of its way, only to have it try to jump out of my way…

but we both moved the same way.

I can still feel the sensation of it getting caught in the grip of my front tyre and getting pulled under.

it was all over in a split second, of course. and it survived the incident – or I assume it did. after one wheel went over it, it flew away – toward the cemetary admittedly, but it did fly away from the scene, and without so much as exchanging phone numbers.

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