Raytheon 9 and other nonviolence news

Send these guys a note of encouragement if you can as they face court next Monday over their actions from almost 2 years ago (9th August 2006) in interfering with Raytheon’s death-dealing. Anzac Day this year saw some more local action at the Raytheon offices in Brisbane also as Jim Dowling, Lisa Bridle and Sean O’Reilly staged a sit-in.

And in related nonviolence news (it’s all happening at the moment), there’s been another ANZAC ploughshares action in New Zealand while we were away in Yeppoon. More info here.

1 thought on “Raytheon 9 and other nonviolence news

  1. Discrimination, Illegal Interrogation, and Mental Torture

    Yong Li v. Raytheon Company (1st Cir., No. 07-1185)

    Yong Li was a senior software engineer in Raytheon’s Marlborough facility. As a result of her early year internal discrimination complaint, she was retaliatory harassed by her managers in 2004. The harassment caused her depressive, when she reported to human resource about her personal safety, Raytheon, through EAP counselor John Didio, imposed a mental evaluation without her consent, he did not ask why she felt unsafe, he directly asked “do you want to kill someone” with his finger pointing at her and showing scurrilous staring. Gripped with panic, she was traumatized and became long term disabled.


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