Pace e Bene National Gathering

Very disappointed to be missing this, but our baby will be due about a week before, so I’ll have to miss it…but get there if you possibly can, it’ll be absolutely fantastic.


‘Engaging Nonviolence – Deep Listening to the Spirit’

Adelaide: Thursday November 6th – Sunday November 9th

An Invitation

To join with others and listen to the spirit as we share the journey of ‘exploring nonviolence’ and how it takes shape in our lives.

Right now we are seeking indications of interest in attending and invite responses via email, post, fax or phone

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Bob Myers

Pace e Bene Australia

3 Brierly Street


Victoria 3280

<![endif]–>Text Box: Bob Myers  Pace e Bene Australia 3 Brierly Street Warrnambool  Victoria 3280

Phone and fax (03) 5562 3277

Mob: 0408 541 152


Who else could you invite?

Who else do you know who shares the passion for this possibility? Who would wish to journey with the spirituality of active nonviolence? Who could you invite to enrich the gathering with their presence? For more details of the program, see below.

Accommodation venue details

The Monastery Conference and Function Centre

15 Cross Road, Glen Osmond SA 5064 Tel: 08 8379 3681 FAX 08 8379 8751

Set in tranquil, picturesque grounds in the Adelaide foothills “The Monastery” is only 10 minutes [5km] from the city centre and 20 minutes from the airport. Car parking is available on site.

Money matters of various kinds

Accommodation: is in single rooms with shared facilities…cost includes all meals from Friday breakfast – Sunday lunch (linen $10 extra).

Single (waged) $290 Single (unwaged) $240

Couple (waged) $550 Couple (unwaged) $420

If you wish to come a day early or stay later, please contact the Monastery direct).

Other conference fees – invitation to contribute

Our commitment is to have the conference accessible to everyone, and our invitation to ourselves is to equalize the costs as much as possible. We suggest an ‘access contribution’ (of what you can afford) from those living in or near Adelaide which would be used to balance out the higher costs of those participants who have to travel further, or who have other financial challenges.

We don’t want anyone to miss out through lack of funding. Remember the possibilities of resources from within your own community or network. Perhaps a parish, workplace or institution would help fundraise to assist with your costs.

There are some funds available to subsidise participation by people who might otherwise be unable to take part. Please let us know your needs.

Draft Programme Thurs Nov 6th – Sunday Nov 9th

‘Engaging Nonviolence – Deep Listening to the Spirit’

Program outline (so far… do send your ideas, needs and requests!)

Phase 1 Engage with the spirit of the gathering place and with each other
Phase II Engage with deep spirit within self
Phase III Engage with the spirit of our wider communities – going beyond ourselves



Gathering (from 6pm), welcome, settle in, introductions and grounding in place

Dinner informal pizza, nibbles, drinks

Sharing ideas and offers for daily morning prayer ….e.g. meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, other – whatever skills/gifts the group may offer



Morning Prayer – as per last night’s suggestions/offers


Welcome to country
Welcome to each other
and sharing the stories of our individual journeys to here



Sharing Our Community Stories and Gifts

(Focus: how have we got to ‘here’ and what’s going on in our world now…)

· The Pace e Bene story – locally, nationally and internationally

· From Violence to Wholeness, Engage, Travelling With the Turtles….

· Recent stories…among which are: the Solomon Islands; Mainstreaming Nonviolence; Samuel Hill 5; FVTW in Scotland….

· Sharing our Gifts (What are the gifts you wish to offer this gathering given your journey to here?) – sharing skills, knowledge, wisdom, experiences…gathered along the way

· Other possible dicussion areas might include: gender and nonviolence training, rising militarisation in the region, refusal to pay war tax… the contributions you bring of course….?

· Dinner


Discernment: invitation to one hour of ‘noble silence’ between 7-8pm

(after dinner) to discern movements within self from the day….

followed by

Sharing the insights between 8-9pm



Morning prayer as Friday

Sharing our Gifts continues (What are the gifts you wish to offer this gathering

given your journey to here?)
Sharing skills, knowledge, wisdom, experiences…gathered along the way



Discernment: Invitation to one hour of ‘noble silence [after lunch] 2-3pm discern movements within self from the day….followed by

Gathering to share insights/further skills and other discernment






Morning prayeras Friday..


Where do we go from here- Open space

2 sessions before Lunch

Sunday Lunch


Closing Circle, Ritual and Departure (3pm)

MONDAY 10th Nov – optional Pace e Bene Australia AGM

TUESDAY 11th – THURSDAY 13th Nov – optional – APDS – Arms Expo NV Action

Pace e Bene Australia intends to provide an alternative ‘nonviolent marketplace’ in Adelaide during this weapons bazaar. We will keep you informed about how this initiative develops and invite active participation by our friends and supporters around the country. There will be a variety of ways to be involved, whether by being present in Adelaide or by creating solidarity activities in your own community.


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