Insignificant: Simon’s soundtrack 2008

Landed – Ben Folds Five
There are not many songs that can last as long as this one has

I opened my eyes and walked out the door
And the clouds came tumbling down
And it’s bye-bye, goodbye, I tried
And I twisted it wrong just to make it right
Had to leave myself behind
I’ve been flying high all night
So come pick me up…I’ve landed

Joan Baez – Love Song to a Stranger
Joan was the unofficial voice of the 1960’s and 70’s US peace movement – an amazing voice and an amazing person who has been at the forefront of some of the most powerful nonviolent movements of the last 40 years. I picked up Joan’s autobiography for 50c at an op shop on the inspiral weekend away. This is a heartbreaking song about her struggle to find and understand love.

Don’t tell me of love everlasting and other sad dreams
I don’t want to hear
Just tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other
From a lifetime of cares
Because if love means forever, expecting nothing returned
Then I hope I’ll be given another whole lifetime to learn

Peace Train – Cat Stevens
For Berrigan.

Now I’ve been happy lately,
thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be,
something good has begun

Oh I’ve been smiling lately,
dreaming about the world as one
And I believe it could be,
some day it’s going to come

Move along – All-American Rejects
Great song for riding to…

When all you gotta keep is strong
Move along move along like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along move along just to make it through

All I Want – Joni Mitchell
The opening song of her classic album ‘Blue’

I wanna have fun, I wanna shine like the sun
I wanna be the one that you want to see
I wanna knit you a sweater, I wanna write you a love letter
I wanna make you feel better, wanna make you feel free…

Michael Franti – Everyone Deserves Music
This was a regular on my rotation in the first 6 months. Got pretty thoroughly sick of it halfway through the year, but there’s no doubt it evokes a big chunk of the year.

Everyone deserves music, sweet music
Even our worst enemies, they deserve music
Even the quiet ones in our families, they deserve music.

Love Waits – Lovers Electric
Ciaron O’Reilly introduced me to these guys via a free download of their album because they’re friends of the LA Catholic Worker. It was about 6 months before I got around to listening to it and was surprised to discover not overearnest social justice folk but bubblegum electro pop. But oh so catchy.

Love waits for everyone
If you’ll wait
Love takes in everyone
If you’ll stay
Love waits for everyone
If you’ll wait
Love takes in everyone.

Insignificant – Counting Crows
In a year where Counting Crows released just their fifth studio album in almost 20 years, you have to expect at least some representation. This isn’t their best song by any stretch, but the chorus kind of sums up a lot of how I often feel. It’s Mr. Jones all grown up.

I don’t want to feel so different
But I don’t want to be insignificant
And I don’t know how to see the same thing as different now.

Come Around – Counting Crows

Wistful and nostalgic

That’s one of the reasons we say goodbye
We’ll still come around

When I First Met Your Ma – Paul Kelly
How better to write a love song about your wife than to address it to the children you share?

Love like a bird flies away
You’ll find out the only way
Love like a bird flies away.

Jesus Christ – Woody Guthrie
Covered many times, but rarely bettered. This is the song in its original stripped back glory…

Jesus Christ was a man who travelled ‘cross the land
Hard working man and brave
Well he said to the rich give your goods to the poor
So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

Something’s Gotta Give – JBT

God bless the people in New York when they were attacked
God bless the children being bombed there in Iraq
God bless the goddamned junkie with the monkey on his back
God bless everybody under the sun

Thursday – Morphine

I’ve loved this band since I first heard them on Triple J back in the day.

Vine and Fig Tree (bonus track)

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