camo cap in an internet cafe


While I was in Queensland we were under police and ASIO surveillance for a lot of the time, but the most bizarre thing that happened had nothing to do with being photographed or videoed.  I went in to an internet cafe to keep our friends in touch with what was happening.  It was one of those cafes with two long benches against each wall, completely clear of any clutter so you could put your laptop there.  Against one wall was a group of three teenage girls and an older couple, so I chose the bench that was clear of anyone.  After a minute or two of typing away I looked next to me and there sat this camouflage cap, right next to my hand.

It was the weirdest thing – I had seen nor sensed anyone close enough to me to put it there, nor had anyone set up next to me that could have accidentally left it.  It was somewhat like being pickpocketed, except that I was gifted something instead.

I’m still not entirely sure why it was put there, or who by – but it seemed clearly enough intended to communicate something to me, perhaps about knowing why I was there.  Anyway, I just gave it to the guy behind the counter and told him someone left it behind.   I wish I’d kept it, but I have this photo instead.

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