Outrageous: Simon’s soundtrack to 2010

Here we go:
1. Buena: Morphine – This three-piece from the early 90’s is one of the world’s most underrated bands, and features the dirtiest bass you’ll ever hear.

2. Manhattan: Kings of Leon – Catchy bassline.

3. Got Some: Pearl Jam – I bought their album BackSpacer in 2009, and heard this song on the radio the night before Matt and Sam’s wedding. “This situation, which side are you on? Are you getting out? Are you dropping bombs? Have you heard of diplomatic resolve?”

4. Heavy Heart: You Am I – “I miss you like sleep/There’s nothing romantic ‘bout the hours I keep…”

5. Under Pressure: Queen – This has been apt at times, both for me and for others.

6. Come Pick Me Up: Ryan Adams – There were about 3 months of this year where I listened to nothing but Ryan Adams, to the extent it made it very hard to choose which song would make it on here. This has to be the perfect breakup song – almost makes you want to break up with your partner just to experience it fully (almost). Adams said of this song, “Of all the things she did, the worst was stealing my records.” He later admitted it was he who stole the records from her… “I wish you would come pick me up/take me out/f*** me up/steal my records/screw all my friends/behind my back/with a smile on your face/and then do it again…”

7. Jena & Jimmy: Derek Webb – Derek Webb has been a bit of a revelation for me this year. Some U.S. friends have been pestering me to get some of his stuff, and I resisted for a long time because he’s a Christian artist from the U.S., and usually that means they’re awful. I finally gave in a couple of months ago and I’m glad I did.

8. Cannonball: Damien Rice – Yes, I got onto this rather late and yes, I’m a little embarrassed about Damien Rice being on here. But a good song is a good song…

9. Beautiful As You: The Whitlams – For my family: “I miss you girl like I miss the skyline of my own hometown/And I love you like I love the familiar feeling of being homeward bound…”

10. Think About It: Flight of the Conchords – “New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk-comedy duo” deliver comedy with a social conscience: “Could somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees…”

11. Everlong: Foo Fighters – “Hello, I’ve waited here for you…everlong.” Just a great song high on my rotation early in the year.

12. Talking Sly: The Sharp – Picked this up on a holiday at a secondhand record store – I still had the original cassette EP they released in the late 80’s, so it’s been great to update the technology.

13. Come on Children Let’s Sing: Mahalia Jackson – I bought a two disc set of her live earlier in the year – this song is just such a celebratory one.

14. Outrageous: Paul Simon – The kids found a VHS tape of the Muppets, and the guest star was Paul Simon, which gave me the perfect excuse to listen to something in the car other than kids’ music (woo hoo!). I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel – I like to think my parents named me Simon because of Paul Simon, but I don’t think they did.

15. Positive Bleeding: Urge Overkill – Takes me back to the early 90’s.

16. Bad: U2 – Saw them live for the fourth time. They still put on a great live show, and they played this, one of my favourites. For Ian.

3 thoughts on “Outrageous: Simon’s soundtrack to 2010

  1. It’s never to late to get into Damien Rice! I’ve also been on a Ryan Adams kick this year. And- “Everlong” by The Foo Fighters, is just really great. It’s hard to turn it off once it’s on. 🙂

  2. Interesting list Simon – Ryan Adams and You Am I you have inspired me to return to – haven’t listened to Mr Adams in about 10 years – Whiskeytown was a great band as well back in the day. Moorphine is a fascinating choice – blast from the past indeed. Much respect for including Mahalia Jackson. You can keep Queen, Kings of Leon, Damien Rice and U2 though

    • Ha – for what it’s worth it was EARLY U2…and Kings of Leon was borrowed from the library. But I agree that’s no excuse. 🙂

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