Do you want to be involved in action against the war in Afghanistan?

Hi friends

Last year was fantastic for anti-war direct action in Victoria.  We had two very successful nonviolent disruptive direct actions at Swan Island, which were both followed by dismissals of participants’ charges.  (  These actions needed a strong group of well grounded and prepared people who both played arrestable and nonarrestable roles.

The war in Afghanistan continues to rage, and becomes more lethal for both Afghans and internationals.  This year also sees the bi-annual Talisman Sabre military training exercises.  So we’d like to continue to build on our work together towards more actions here in Victoria this year.

Would you like to be involved?

Successful actions require thorough preparation – addressing strategy; ideology as well as logistical planning.  In looking towards an action, two full-days of planning are scheduled for Melbourne.  What do the following dates look like to you?

Friday 13 May OR Saturday 14 May


Friday 3 June OR Saturday 4th June

If you’d like to be involved, please reply to and let us know what dates best suit you.

In solidarity and peace

Jessica Morrison & Simon Moyle

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