Swan Island Peace Convergence – Be brave: resist the war!

Yikes it’s been a while since I posted here but some exciting developments have emerged. Here’s the latest!

Are you against the Afghanistan war?

So are we.  So we’ve planned a solid week of action to resist the war at Swan Island near Queenscliff.  Swan Island is where SAS troops are trained-one of our major contributions to the war in Afghanistan.  It will coincide with Talisman Sabre, the biggest military exercises in Australia, aimed at interoperability with the US militaries and involving 30,000 troops.

Come to Queenscliff 4-8 July (or part thereof) and be part of blockades, public stalls, movie nights, facetious cake stalls for the military, and maybe even the inaugural Swan Island swim carnival.

We are thinking big, and we’d love a team of people to organise a fun week to nonviolently challenge, disrupt and transform the military.

Check it out and register at http://swanislandpeace.org and follow the planning and action on twitter @SwanIslandPeace

Facebook event

For more info – e-mail us at swanislandpeace@gmail.com

For those that don’t live in Victoria – there is of course the national action at Shoalwater Bay and other actions around the country – see http://www.peaceconvergence.com.

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