The Sheep and the Goats

When I rang my young Afghan friend last week on his mobile phone, he was bringing his sheep and goats in from the fields, so when the passage about the final judgement, described as “the sheep and the goats” (Matthew 25:31-46) came up in the lectionary on Sunday I couldn’t help reflecting on Afghanistan. Out of my reflections came this Afghan paraphrase. I hope it brings this passage alive for our context, and moves us to action.

“I was hungry and you drove past my refugee camp with food for your troops. I was thirsty and you told me you the situation was too insecure to fix the water supply. I was a stranger and you refused to learn my language, I was naked and you walked past in your battle armour. I was sick with preventable diseases and you told me your priority was to train people to kill so I would be safe. I was in prison, held indefinitely without charge and no one could visit me because no one knew where I was or even whether I was alive. Inasmuch as we do this to Afghans, we do it to Christ.”

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