Merton on hope

“The only thing that is to be regretted without qualification is for a man to adapt perfectly to totalitarian society. Then he is indeed beyond hope. Hence we should all be sick in some way. We should all feel near to despair in some sense because this semi-despair is the normal form taken by hope in a time like ours. Hope without any sensible or tangible evidence on which to rest. Hope in spite of the sickness that fills us. Hope married to a firm refusal to accept any palliatives or anything that cheats hope by pretending to relieve apparent despair.”

-Thomas Merton, Letter to Czeslaw Milosz, September 12 1959 (emphasis mine).


2 thoughts on “Merton on hope

  1. Been thinking of a paraphrase of Niemoller quote:
    They came for the Refugees, I said nothing, they came for the bikies, I said nothing…..
    lets hope someone can say “They came for the Christians…” before too long!

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