More on the Garrett/Shoalwater Bay decision

More articles on the decision…apparently it’s just the third time the EPBC Act has been successfully used to stop a development…

Here’s Peter Garrett’s original press release.

Here’s the transcript of a Stateline interview about it.

Here’s the Brisbane Times’ article.

A Courier Mail article which emphasizes how unusual a step this is.

Much of course has been made of the fact that Garrett was one of those involved in stopping the sand mining proposals for Shoalwater Bay.

Could be that Waratah Coal’s done us a huge favour here…they’ve drawn national attention to Shoalwater Bay and its environmental significance, and made the government make clear statements to that effect. Now to capitalise on it!

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Nice to have a win once in a while

I spent a day and a bit researching and writing a submission to Peter Garrett under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act against this coal port proposal…

Gotta love a man with a bald head.

Now we just have to get the Army, Navy and Air Force to stop bombing it and everything will be hunky dory.