must be the monobrow

I always suspected it’d be Bert rather than Ernie.

In searching Bert and Ernie online for my daughter (she’s a big fan) I found this. Apparently a guy did a bunch of photoshopped pictures of Bert for a joke site, and this was among them:


But then somehow a bunch of Bin Laden supporters ended up with that picture on their sign (look closely at the bottom right). No-one seems to know how, but it’s darn funny.



the wit and wisdom of sesame street (or, why I like children’s television)

Gordon: Where’d you get that shopping cart full of cookies Cookie Monster?
Cookie Monster: Me won poetry contest.
Gordon: You wrote a poem? Can we hear it?
Cookie Monster: Me was going to call it “Ode to Cookie” but me not know what ‘ode’ is. So me just call it “Cookie”. * ahem *



Big Bird (slowly, thoughtfully): I like it. It has a surprise ending.