Upcoming events

A couple of things coming up that I’m involved in:

Pax Christi Victoria Inc.

International Christian Peace Movement

You are invited to an extended Agape

– a Workshop on the spirituality and practice of nonviolence

Simon Moyle, will lead us in an Easter journey into how we can engage with the Powers and the Powerful in the light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

-through Bible Study
– Nonviolence theory
– Workshop activity
– Group discussion.

“Another world is possible, another world is necessary,another world is already HERE!”

Simon Moyle is a Baptist minister and theologian,
He is Public Engagement Coordinator of Urban Seed,a community who work with some of the city’s poorest and most marginalised.”
He has been involved in nonviolent protest against the Talisman Sabre Joint Military Exercises.

Sunday April 19

at Kildara, rear 39 Stanhope Street, East Malvern.

2 p.m (Note extended time)
We will finish after a SHARED MEAL  around 7.30 p.m.



And then this NVDA training for TS09 (but all welcome).


evangelical nonviolence

Great article (from 1976) by Ron Sider….to think we haven’t moved any further in 32 years.

“Since Jesus atoned for our sins by carrying love for enemy to the ultimate degree, a refusal to follow his example at this point not only involves a denial of scriptural authority; it also constitutes a questionable doctrine of the atonement. God chose to reconcile his enemies and accomplish the atonement by nonviolent, suffering love. If we reject the biblical imperative to follow Jesus at this point, we in effect express disbelief about the validity of God’s way of reconciling enemies. But to do that is to express disbelief about the atonement itself.”