Just when you think it doesn’t get any better…

The APDSE (Asia Pacific Defence and Security Expo aka “buy the latest-and-greatest killing machines here” expo) has been cancelled.

News report here (note: the paper was a strong supporter of the arms expo).

OzPeace (key organisers of the planned nonviolent protests) press release here.

And a wonderful analysis provided by one protestor:

Us violent feral low life people armed with our deadly heat seeking loudspeakers must use the night to celebrate.

That all those peace loving people with their toys missiles , cannons, guns, bombers, tanks, frigates etc are not bringing their toys here.

Pace e Bene Oz was involved in the resistance to this expo and was planning a nonviolence expo. I was going to be involved in all of this (I’d planned a nonviolence stall) until we realised we were having a baby about then. Incredible news.