simonMy ancestors hail from Cornwall, but I live on Wurundjeri land, west of the Merri Creek (now known as Coburg, in Melbourne, Australia).  I want to live the kind of life for which the only rational explanation is, “because Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.” This has seen me play frisbee with soldiers on a military base during war games, plant trees in a Kabul schoolyard and an Australian military base, and hit the emergency stop button on equipment at the secretive Swan Island military base. In 2011 I was part of a delegation of international peacemakers who travelled to Afghanistan. I am a nonviolence trainer who has run training for groups as diverse as World Vision, Occupy Melbourne, and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. I’m a Brother of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, and an elder at GraceTree, a small Baptist community in the inner north of Melbourne trying to find ways to live simply, lovingly and joyfully together.  I’m married to Julie and Dad to four amazing kids.

I enjoy the opportunity to speak to groups, preach, and lead workshops and weekend retreats in peace and nonviolence, as well as Christian discipleship. If you would like to contact me, email smoyle[at]gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Some links to Simon’s published material:

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Sunday Nights With John Cleary: Podcast of interview with ABC Radio’s John Cleary, June 27 2010. Topic: Peace activism, civil disobedience.

Sunday Nights With John Cleary: Podcast of interview with ABC Radio’s John Cleary, March 18, 2012. Topic: GraceTree, Urban Seed, Occupy Melbourne, and more.

Sunday Nights With John Cleary: Podcast of discussion with ABC Radio’s John Cleary, June 2, 2013. Topic: Of What Earthly Use is the Church?.

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Sacred Fools: Nonviolent Peace Activists: Encounter, ABC Radio National, March 6 2011.

Pastor and Peace Activist: 89.9 Light FM Melbourne, interview with Clayton Bjelan.


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  1. Simon, Back in 2005 you wrote a piece on your family tree obsession. I am a military history buff who has had a loing focus on recognition for Aboriginal servicemen esp. in WW1. I have made several significant contributions in this area and I am presently seeking information on a Leslie William Moyle born in Bendigo. Now you said back in your 2005 blog:
    “who was the father of William James Thomas Moyle (b.1868)
    who was the father of William Leslie Moyle
    who was the father of Eric Leslie Moyle
    who was the father of Keith Leslie Moyle
    who was the father of Simon James Moyle (b. 1977). that’s me.”
    I am very much hoping that I am lucky with a match up. My researched Leslie William Moyle, hopefully of your blood line, had a SN of 7523 when he joined the 6th Bn in 1917 after enlisting at Kerang … where his NOK a sister lived by the name of Ethel (or possibly Annie Esther). He listed his occupation as a Drover. His mother died around 1907 and his father, William, seems to have disappeared which resulted in him spending some time in the Govt’s Neglected Children and Reformatory School. He enlisted 12.6.1917 and serving in France (incl. being gassed) he was discharged medically unfit back in Melbourne on 28.9.1919.
    You can check out all the above and more in his service records by going on to the National Archives Australia web site for
    MOYLE Leslie : Service Number – 5439 : Place of Birth – Bendigo VIC : Place of Enlistment – Caulfield VIC : Next of Kin – (Father) MOYLE William AND then clicking View digital copy

    … but there is more. As I indicated previously I am seeking to verify servicemen of Aboriginal descent. In a number of compiled lists William Moyle SN 7523 is listed as being of Aboriginal descent e.g. Australian Indigenous Servicemen WWI ‘Bringing Them Home’ Poject April 2004 NAA. None of these lists have provided me with a basis for confirming or denying the claim of Leslie Moyle having Aboriginal descent. Can you help me – What do you know of your family ?????
    The only other Leslie Moyle for WWI I have in Victoria is for the Moyle family that lived at Neilborough (between Bendigo and Raywood) where the father was William Henry Moyle and his mother Eliza Jane Moyle. This couple had possibly the largest number of sons in Australia serving in WW1. Eliza had seventeen children and eight of them went to serve in WW1. The details are another story…
    Simon, It is over to you now. I keenly await your reply.
    Can you also provide me with your William Leslie Moyle’s mother’s name i.e. wife to William James Thomas Moyle?
    Peter Bakker (Hamilton – Victoria) phbakker@bigpond.net.au

    The South West Victorian Aboriginal War Memorial and its campaigner, Peter Bakker, at the end of the Dedication Day, November 1st, 2010. Located next to the Warrnambool’s main War Memorial on Canon Hill and overlooking Lake Pertobe and the ocean.

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