more 2006 compilation contenders

Stone Temple Pilots: Vasoline – A short but sweet as song with like two chords. A thumping bass line that gets your heart racing every time.

Stone Temple Pilots: Interstate Love Song – Country music (and let’s not kid ourselves, this is country music) never sounded so good. You know a song’s good when it still works acoustically, and this song certainly fits that bill. The soaring chord progression can’t fail to move you, even if the lyrics seem to make no sense (feeling like a hand in rusted shame? what?).

Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road – This is Nick Hornby’s number 2 song of all time, and I must say it’s a good one. I knew it from Counting Crows using it as an alternate in the middle of Rain King, the most killer version coming from their live Face the Promised Land (FTPL) cd, the title of which is derived from Adam’s misquoting of Thunder Road’s lyrics (it’s meant to be ‘We’re riding out tonight to case the promised land’). Still too earnest from a young Bruce, but I think most of us can relate to the earnestness of youth, and Bruce tells a story in song better than almost anyone (maybe Paul Kelly excepted).

Hothouse Flowers: Hallelujah Jordan – Nothing will compare now with the live version I heard the other day, but it’s still one of the most heartbreaking songs of lost love ever written. Not that I can relate to the whole boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, girl leaves boy for another boy, boy becomes an alcoholic as a result story from personal experience, but the lyrics evoke such tragedy it’s hard not to sympathize.

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