still more 2006 compilation contestants

Little Birdy – tonight’s the night: I picked up this album from (believe it or not) the library, and I’m seriously impressed. I know that Powderfinger’s Bernard Fanning rated them highly, so it was well worth a listen. A really solid album with several catchy tunes and I love love love her voice.

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days: It’s funky, but it’s also a recognition that the old grey mare…well, you know the rest. I’m not old by any stretch, but when you finally catch up with the fact that all the sporting and music stars are at least 5 years younger than you, that sense of “anything’s possible for me!” is kind of deflated.

Hi-5 – One Step Forward: To be realistic about my soundtrack of 2006, I think I’m going to have to include either some Wiggles or Hi-5, because I’ve spent more hours listening to them than any other music. Everywhere we go in the car, we have to be listening to one or the other. This one makes me least want to kill myself. No, actually I think it’s kind of catchy.


1 thought on “still more 2006 compilation contestants

  1. “This one makes me least want to kill myself.”

    Something tells me Molly’s safe in his job (and yes I mean his day job).

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