AAP came through for us…

“A G20 Christian Collective” media release:

Christian pacifists demand tickets to G20

At 7:30 am on Friday November 17th, a group of Melbourne Christians will set up camp outside the barricades that surround the G20 meetings at the Grand Hyatt hotel, demanding tickets on behalf of those excluded from the meetings.

While those who missed out on tickets to U2 camp outside Telstra Dome in the hope of a last-minute ticket, a G20 Christian Collective will camp outside the G20 meeting, demanding a last-minute ticket for those who have been excluded from the talks. In a 60-hour vigil from 7:30am on Friday November 17th to 6pm Sunday November 19th, they will be a presence for those who have a significant stake in the outcome of the G20 meetings, yet who are not represented: the environment, health and social ministers, and the poor themselves.

The group includes teachers, lawyers and church ministers. Many of them will stay overnight at the temporary ‘Embassy’, some eating nothing but rice and water for 60 hours to show their solidarity with the world’s poor.

Rev. Simon Moyle, spokesperson for A G20 Christian Collective, says, “Discussing economic issues in isolation from the poor and the cost to the environment is a form of economic tunnel vision that must be held to account.”

“People are dying because of the ideas accepted or rejected by groups like this,” says Jessica Morrison, another member of the group. “We must do the most we can to ensure the voice of the poor are always in their ears.”

Committed to nonviolence, A G20 Christian Collective will actively confront oppressive policies by embodying an alternative. “We invite all people to join us – police, other protesters, G20 representatives, Christians, and those of other or no faith,” Rev. Moyle said.

Which resulted in:


And this.

And this.

“Tomorrow, a group calling themselves “a G20 Christian Collective” will begin a 60-hour vigil outside the Grand Hyatt demanding “tickets” to the summit on behalf of those excluded from it.

The group – which includes teachers, lawyers and church ministers – will set up a temporary “embassy” and some will consume nothing but rice and water for the duration.”

And hopefully more to come over the weekend.


1 thought on “AAP came through for us…

  1. And you may not have seen this, but around about the middle of the day I saw a “news headlines” grab on tv which had a clip of YOU walking down the street holding a banner!
    Enjoy that rice, mate. I wish you all the best for tomorrow.
    🙂 Jude

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